We started our Non -Formal Education (NFE) programme in Dallupura village in East Delhi on Independence Day in the year 1996. Seeing the enthusiastic response of slum children to our Non – Formal programme Municipal Corporation of Delhi opened a Primary school in the area and all the 350 students of our programme were transferred en-masse to this MCD Primary school.

Subsequently we started our NFE Programme in the slums of J J Cluster Gyaspur colony near Nizamuddin Bridge and in the slums near Toll Bridge Yamuna Khadar opposite Film City, NOIDA. Since both these slum settlements were demolished by the local Government’s authorities we were forced to discontinue these programmes somewhat abruptly. Currently we are running our NFE Program for children living in the slums of Indirapuram near Kanavani village, Ghaziabad since June 2002. At present some 223 children are studying as a part of our 2008-9 academic programme at Indirapuram.

Overall till date we have covered 1500 slum children aged between 5 to 12 years, under our NFE Program at different places. Considering the ever expanding profile of urban poverty in our country especially in the proximity areas of rapidly expanding mega metropolitan cities like Delhi our work this far is only a beginner’s effort. Yet but for this effort these left out 1500 slum children would not have got elementary education. In addition , this tiny effort; often handicapped by paucity of funds and infrastructural limitations has nevertheless provided us with a practical feel about grave implications of urban poverty and the distressing impact it is having on the lives of these marginalized and underprivileged slum children.

Examinations are held thrice a year. The students are evaluated and wherever required further teaching and re-evaluation is done.

Educational Excursion
The students of nursery and class–I are normally taken to the nearby parks. They are exposed to the natural surrounding. The teachers accompanying them make them aware of different plants, trees, soil and other things. The senior classes are taken to National Science Center, Zoo and other important places in and around Delhi.

Annual Sports Day
The Annual Sports day of the Centre is celebrated every year generally in the month of February. The students actively participate in this activity. In all eight to ten events are held, for boys and girls separately on this occasion. The prizes are distributed at the conclusion of the event.

Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day and festivals like Diwali, Holi, Rakshabandhan are celebrated with full fun – fare.

Bal Adalat – Child Right Orientation
The Centre conducts Bal Adalats on the issue of child right in general and right to education in particular.

Parents – Teachers Meeting
Parents – teachers meeting is held every month at the center. These meetings are normally well attended. The timings of these meetings are adjusted according to the convenience of the people living in those slums.

Summer Program
It is conducted in the months of May and June every year. Drawing, Art and Craft, learning poems, story recitation, games for retention of memory, general discussions are part of this program. This is part of general personality development and creativity.

Student Magazine
Every year students edit and bring out their own magazine containing stories, poems written by them. They also write their experiences and include drawings made by them.

Disability Orientation
Under this initiative we address disability among students. The students are checked and follow up action is taken up to address the disability of polio, hearing impairment and malnutrition. Health check–up camps are organized based on availability of the sponsor.